** This week our learning theme is 'Me - fantastic fingers'**



Welcome to our Nursery



Teacher:  Mrs Hardwick

Early Years Practitioners: 

Mrs Ray 

Mrs Henderson

Miss Davis

Mrs Britton


Welcome to the Autumn Term in the Nursery class

Our learning theme this half term is 'All about me'

Each week we will have a focus theme and our group time learning (Adult Directed Activity) will be based around that theme. Our weekly themes this half term include - settling in, me, my body and more.

Week 3 18.09.17 - Me - fantastic fingers!



We will visit the hall and take shoes and socks of before exploring the space as an introduction to PE. We will be talking about keeping safe in this large space. As a warm up the children will explore ‘squiggle as you wiggle’ activities – making marks to music (they do this lying on the floor using big paper). To ‘cool’ down we will play a ball rolling name to further develop familiarity with each other’s names and catch and throw the ball.


We will look at beads and necklaces (examples of boys and girls wearing these). We will then practice counting skills as the children count how many pieces of pasta they have before threading them onto a cord and counting again to check they have the same number. These necklaces will be displayed in the classroom.


Introduce Penpals – hand warm ups and developing fine motor control. Some children have been exploring the dough already but we are going to introduce all the children to it. We will investigate using a variety of movements to change the shape of the dough. The children will then be encouraged to share ideas with a friend about what they are going to create before having a go at making a model of their choice.


Building on Charlie’s interest in comparisons we will be investigating the difference between fresh and dried fruit. We will recall The Hungry Caterpillar story which we read yesterday. The children will be encouraged to handle, smell and taste fruit before describing it, they will then do the same with fruit which has been ‘dehydrated’. We will encourage descriptions and expressing preferences. We will highlight to children that they might not all like the same and that that is OK.


The children have begun to explore the musical instruments in the class and outside as well as sound activities on the Interactive White Board (IWB). To build on this we will be exploring drum beats and rhythms. All the children will have the opportunity to use an instrument as well as body percussion. We will watch videos of different communities using drums and rhythms.

Shared reading will not begin until all the children are settled – keep an eye on the notice on the window.

All through the week on our walkabout we will be introducing children to the different classroom areas and the resources that they can find there.

We will be singing songs and playing listening games during phonics.

Show and tell; something you can do with your fingers.

  What the children say...

As usual we asked the children about what they’d like to explore, play with and learn about over the next half term. All ideas will be interwoven through planning. Click on the link below to see our ideas and thoughts.

Coming soon!

Other areas of learning in Nursery include....


Physical Learning


PE day is Monday

This half term in PE we will be focusing on team games and activities. We will also link warm ups to other curriculum areas with activities such as 'Squiggle as you Wiggle' and 'Pen Pals', counting actions / movements and creating shapes.

Please can all children have a named PE kit in a bag.

RE Learning   Image result for religious education learning

RE will be explored partly through short periods of Adult Directed Learning which highlight key festivals, celebrations, religious symbols and religious vocabulary with reference to children’s own experiences and also through the children's own Child Initiated Learning.

This Half Term our theme is Relationships; the children will have the opportunity;

  • to talk about care and concern for each other through happy/sad times
  • to find out about people who help us
  • to find out about important religious people.




Our Computing theme this Half Term is called 'Exploring Sound'.

We will be linking this with other curriculum areas and exploring using equipment to record sound, making comparisons between digital music  and using instruments in the classroom, making comparisons between hearing sounds and replaying recordings of sounds.  We will be highlighting aspects of eSafety and the need to use technology carefully and responsibly and the need to ask permission if recording others. We will also talk about what to do and who to talk to if you are worried about something related to technology.

Have you had a look at the 'Curriculum' area of our website? It contains information about our learning across the whole year in Nursery, including Themes, Topics and further curriculum information. Some of the Themes may be subject to change, dependent on the children's interests and ideas.