**This week our learning theme is 'Birthdays'**



Welcome to our Nursery (EYFS Unit)



Teacher:  Mrs Hardwick

Early Years Practitioners: 

Mrs Ray 

Mr Coverdale



Welcome to the Autumn Term in the Nursery class

Our learning theme for each week is guided by the children. 

Each week we will have a focus theme and our group time learning (Adult Directed Activity) will be based around that theme.  

 Week 6  15.10.18 - 'Birthdays - an aspect of the RE curriculum'

birthdaycake.jpg - birthday cake


 These are some of the things we will be learning about and exploring;

On Monday we will change into PE kits again before visiting the hall for PEthe children are speeding up with this and are delighted when they put their clothes on themselves – even if they are inside out or upside down! We will revisit ‘rules’ for PE. As a warm up we will use the shape mats again and develop familiarity with shapes and their properties. We will continue to explore moving our bodies to music as we develop dance skills. To ‘cool’ down we will explore PenPals handwriting activities.

On Tuesday - building on our birthday suggestions from the previous day- linked to stories. We will begin to prepare for our puppet’s birthday on Friday. Today we will make pretend birthday cakes. All together; explain to the children that we are going to be investigating today. Introduce the dry jelly stones. Handle and use all senses to explore –encourage detailed description throughout. How can we make them change? Why have they changed? What has happened? Carry out some of the children’s suggestions. Explain that we will keep them until tomorrow to see how they change. At tables use ones prepared earlier with the shaving foam. Discuss rules of keeping safe and not eating ‘ingredients’. Encourage children to handle and describe the foam, the jelly balls and the scents before creating their own ‘cakes’ in cupcake cases.                                                                 

On Wednesday we will remind children of the features of a birthday which we discussed yesterday. We will explain that we are going to create our own cards using dinosaur images (as Alex and Jago have expressed interest in dinosaurs). Children to choose a dinosaur template from the range given and independently explore rubbing techniques following adult modelling. Adults stick completed image to the card. We will explain that we are going to write a message in our card (as Adam wanted to explore more writing) – model writing this on small whiteboards. Children to practice grip as adults recite the Three Finger Men rhyme. Children to attempt their own messages (highlight that it doesn’t have to be Happy Birthday as some people might like a different message – can be imitating letters or making marks. All then to use name cards to support name writing. We will display this in our room in preparation for our party day and the school association picnic.

On Thursday we are going to do a birthday checklist of presents for the puppets birthday (the puppet likes small objects). First practice counting skills and develop familiarity with numerals. At tables show children the Frozen pictorial checklist. Explain that we are going to do the same with the sorting vehicles (this linked to Elliot’s suggestion of counting cars). Adults to create a column of numerals on the table and talk about and identify each numeral. Adults to gather a group of objects – count together as you line them up one to one. Challenge the children to find the matching numeral. Continue with pairs of children being given a group – counting them. Then as a group discuss, agree and match to numeral - repeat until list is complete.

On Friday we are going to celebrate the puppet’s birthday. At the start of the day we will share the children’s show and tell photos and talk about celebrations of special occasions in their own lives, in those of others significant to them and in religious communities (as relevant). Talk about birthdays as an example of a celebration, where people have fun with friends and family as we will today. Discuss and share some elements shared by all celebrations i.e. clothes, food, cards, presents, candles, music. Link this to what we have prepared for today. Later in morning we will play simple party games, use pretend cake for puppet, share a birthday snack (biscuits and raisins) and give a gift. Children and adults to wear ‘special’ clothes – have music on as needed.

Shared reading is on Tuesday 16th.


Show and tell; a photo of a celebration. The children can wear party clothes on Friday - we will only explore 'clean' activities.

Learning Journals will be sent home next week – please activate the email link if you haven’t already done so.

  What the children say...

As usual we asked the children about what they’d like to explore, play with and learn about over the next half term. All ideas will be interwoven through planning. Click on the link below to see our ideas and thoughts.

Nursery children's ideas and thoughts


Other areas of learning in Nursery include....



PE day is Monday

  • We will be exploring dance during this half term. The children will experiment with and practice a variety of body movements. They will be encouraged to respond to music with movement and create different and new movements. We will also focus on listening to instructions and stopping and starting on a signal.
  • We will promote developing a healthy lifestyle and practices which lead to this such as the importance of exercise and healthy eating.
  • We will also link warm ups to other curriculum areas with activities such as 'Squiggle as you Wiggle' and 'Pen Pals', counting actions / movements and creating shapes.

Please can all children have a named PE kit in a bag.


Image result for religious education learning

RE will be explored partly through short periods of Adult Directed Activities which highlight key festivals, celebrations, religious symbols and religious vocabulary with reference to children’s own experiences and also through the children's own Child Initiated Play.

This Term the unit link to; learning about and from the relationships with the people in our lives and important people in the lives of religious people.

The children will have the opportunity to:

  • discuss how we prepare for and celebrate a special occasion. We will talk about birthdays as an example of a celebration and about celebrations of special occasions in the children’s own lives and in those of others significant to them and in religious communities.
  • plan and organise a group celebration involving familiar rituals based on their comments and experiences
  • to show awareness of things and people that matter to them and link this to learning in RE.


  • During this half term and throughout the year we will be planning open-ended activities in a technology rich environment to enable the children to have opportunities to explore, tinker and develop their ideas through active learning. 
  • We will provide a range of simple technology resources, these will be available for children to explore through their play and during adult led activities. The resources will include real, play and safe/defunct devices to support children’s understanding of technology in the world.
  • Experiences will include, for example, exploring simple programmable devices, linking these to simple programmed devices in school or at home, using input devices (touch screens, interactive whiteboards/tables, mice, touch pads and tablets), linking phonics learning to the keyboard, exploring varied simple software.        
  • We will promote safe and careful use of resources and understanding of who to tell if any use of technology makes them feel uncomfortable.