**This week our learning theme is 'Julia Donaldson books and Feeling Good Week'**



Welcome to our Nursery (EYFS Unit)



Teacher:  Mrs Hardwick

Early Years Practitioners: 

Mrs Ray 

Mr Coverdale



Welcome to the Spring Term in the Nursery class

Our learning theme for each week is guided by the children. 

Each week we will have a focus theme and our group time learning (Adult Directed Activity) will be based around that theme.  

 11.2.19 - ‘Julia Donaldson books and Feeling Good week                                   


These are some of the things we will be learning about and exploring; 




Today we will read the Gruffalo’s Child (linked to Finlay’s suggestion) before introducing a discussion about belonging. We will ask the children to remind each other of signs of belonging and ceremonies they have experienced. We will talk about the children’s names (and ask them to write them) and then we will watch a clip of a Sikh naming ceremony. We will highlight that many, but not all, different cultures have naming / belonging ceremonies. Then as a class we will role play a ‘Christening’ using the vicar and outfits for the children etc.  Again we will explain that not all people are Christened but that this is what some people believe is right. We will highlight the roles of Mums and Dads at these ceremonies – linking to Sophia’s question. The children will be explore acting out each ceremony independently during the week.


Linked to the Room on the Broom watch today we are going to create a character from the story (Jago may choose to create the monster as he was interested in this). Adults will model the resources available to the children; salt dough, paint, collage, pens. We will show and share ideas about how these could be used. The children will be reminded of the different characters in the story before selecting the resources they would like to use and then work independently to carry out their ideas. The children will all the have the opportunity to look at each other’s creations at the end.


Today we have our usual PE session and we will continue to work on developing ball control skills. As a warm up we will explore Tabby McTat movements – acting as the cat, dancing like the busker and chasing the ‘thief’. As a cool down today we will ‘squiggle as a you wiggle’ to the Royal March of the Lion music from the Carnival of the Animals. We will remind children and model using an appropriate grip and work on developing control as we create a variety of marks and letter shapes.


We will explain to the children that we are going to help the lady in the Squash and Squeeze story (linked to Mollie’s suggestion) and find out how many animals lived in the house at different points in the story? How many eyes did they all have? How many legs? How many tails? First we will work together to solve some number problems linked to the story. We will ask the children how they know the answer too each question and remind the children that there is more than one way to work things out and to listen to other’s ideas. The children will work in small groups with resources linked to different points of the story and then they will feed back to the rest of the group about how many … We will model the language linked to counting two groups and linked to addition.


Following on from reading the Gruffalo yesterday we will talk about the feelings that the characters may have been experiencing. We will encourage the children to talk about feelings they may have had. We will show the children feeling faces and discuss what we think each is expressing. We will then share and discuss a Powerpoint (this is a very age appropriate Powerpoint about mental health) about little and big feelings and how some people with big feelings may need help from friends and families. We will talk about how the children can support each other at school. We will complete this activity by reading the Big Bag of Worries book and revisit the role of the Worry Monster in our class.

Shared reading: Thursday 14th   

Show and tell; something that makes you happy

We will be encouraging the children to create SuperCat stories at story time and to share these with each other.


     What the children say...

As usual we asked the children about what they’d like to explore, play with and learn about over the next half term. All ideas will be interwoven through planning.



 Alex: would like to know more about dinosaurs. He also wants to explore shoes clumping.

Emily: wants to paint on paper, using and making different colours.

Elliot: wants to know how to play with dragons.

Benji: wants to know about countries, all the different ones. He also wants to know about the different animals that live in different countries.

Jago: wants to have a theme linked to ‘Room on the Broom’ – “there’s a monster in there.” Also “did Stick Man get burnt on the grate?” He wants to know about the naughty people in ‘Tabby Mc Tat’.

Stanley: how do you stop fire from pretend dragons?

Eddie: wants to know more about cars, which are really long with a really long trailer.

Martha; wants to know more about Princesses.

Tildy: wants to learn about fairies and their pretty dresses.

Liam: what about rabbits chasing after dogs?

Finlay; wants to know about Gruffalos.

Mollie: wants to have a “Squash and a Squeeze” theme.

Hannah; wants to know about dogs and feeding them.

Sophia; wants to know about Mummys and Daddys.

Arthur: how do I build snowmen?

Alex: wants to know how broken sticks fall off trees.

Emily: wants to know about cats and how Supercat saves the world.

Jago: wants to know about Supercat Man.


The children had lengthy conversations about role play and ended up having a vote. The final decision was that we would create a school.


Other areas of learning in Nursery include....



PE day is Wednesday

  • We will be exploring ball skills during the first half term. The children will explore a variety of control skills using their hands and / or feet.
  • We will promote developing a healthy lifestyle and practices which lead to this such as the importance of exercise and healthy eating.
  • We will also link warm ups to other curriculum areas with activities such as 'Squiggle as you Wiggle' and 'Pen Pals', counting actions / movements and creating shapes.

Please can all children have a named PE kit in a bag.


Image result for religious education learning

RE will be explored partly through short periods of Adult Directed Activities which highlight key festivals, celebrations, religious symbols and religious vocabulary with reference to children’s own experiences and also through the children's own Child Initiated Play.

During the second half of term we will introduce the Christmas story.

The children will have the opportunity to:

  • learn about and from belonging to families and groups and the signs of belonging
  • explore some of the ways in which people express care and concern for each other and the importance of this for relationships. They will be able to develop an awareness of their own value and the value of others. The children will explore how people know that they belong to family and other groups, including religious groups
  • share the enjoyment of celebration and talk about celebrations of special occasions in their own lives, in those of others significant to them and in religious communities.


  • During this half term and throughout the year we will be planning open-ended activities in a technology rich environment to enable the children to have opportunities to explore, tinker and develop their ideas through active learning. 
  • The children will be able to explore different keyboards, and we will encourage the children to “find” letters from their names on the keyboard as well as numbers.  We will explore using login cards so they can begin to use their own logins to online resources in the setting.
  • We will explore different graphics packages, experimenting with pens, brushes, shapes, colours and stamps, and using different devices and input tools etc.
  • We will talk to the children about how we use a printer and begin to use the word “output” in this context. We will emphasise that we do not always have to print our work and will talk about saving work and why this could be helpful.      
  • We will promote safe and careful use of resources and understanding of who to tell if any use of technology makes them feel uncomfortable.