**This week our learning theme is 'Plants and growing'**



Welcome to Voles Class (EYFS Unit)




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Teacher:  Mrs Hardwick

Early Years Practitioners: 

Mrs Ray 

Mr Coverdale



Welcome to the Summer Term in the Nursery class

Our learning theme for each week is guided by the children. 

Each week we will have a focus theme and our group time learning (Adult Directed Activity) will be based around that theme.  

                     22.4.19 - ‘Plants and Growing'-


These are some of the things we will be learning about and exploring; 



Easter Monday




Before Easter the children were really enjoying a book of humorous poems. They particularly liked ones that were familiar Nursery Rhymes with adapted endings. We are going to build on this and encourage the children to talk about and share the rhymes that they know before working together to create our own comedy versions. Adults will scribe these – as we do so we will talk about the sounds in words (segmenting simple words) and the letters we need to write to correspond with these sounds (this links with Isabelle’s interest -she wants to know about letters). The children will be encouraged to have a go at writing some of these letters / words on their own paper. We will promote grip and control throughout.


Today we will be making dandelion jam. We will recap our visit to the outdoor area yesterday and the book we read about plants growing (this discussion and activity links to Stanley wanting to know how flowers grow and how flowers get their stalks). We will gather dandelions from our garden and then examine these closely. We will encourage the children to talk about the textures, colours etc that they notice and the similarities and differences between different flowers and different parts of the flower – valuing each other’s ideas and suggestions. We will then carefully gather the parts of the flowers that we need, separating the petals from the green stalks and trying hard to minimise the amount of green we get in with the petals. We will work through the recipe (some aspects carried out by adults for safety – using hot water etc). We will encourage the children to talk about changes they predict and can see throughout. Tomorrow we will share and eat our jam at snack time.

Some of the flowers / plants we will have gathered over the last couple of days will be kept to follow up Finlay’s interest – he wanted to paint plants.


Following up Scarlett’s interest (all about growing fruit) we will be carrying out a Handy Gardener activity / investigation. We will explain to the children that we want to find out which seed starts growing first. We will introduce the gloves which we are going to use to grow our seeds in. We will count fingers on the gloves to see how many seeds are needed. We will talk about labelling the fingers so that we know which seed is in each finger. Together we will put numbers 1-5 in order and then represent these on each finger of the glove. The children will then need to discuss, decide and agree which seeds to select and count out 5 seeds from those available) these include seeds we have saved and dried from fruit eaten at school).  We will then ‘plant’ a seed in each finger – checking that we are recording these correctly on our list – matching numerals to do so. Then we will wait and watch over the next few days.

Shared reading: Friday 26th April   

Show and tell; a poem / rhyme


We hope you enjoyed reading the Learning Journals at the end of last term - we enjoy reading your comments too so please add messages or send in observations about your children using the link.

     What the children say...

As usual we asked the children about what they’d like to explore, play with and learn about over the next half term. All ideas will be interwoven through planning.

Click here to see their suggestions.


The children had lengthy conversations about role play and the final decision was that we would have an ice cream shop. The children will be working with us to create this at the start of term.


Other areas of learning in Nursery include....



PE day is Wednesday

  • This half term we will be exploring team games. The children will begin to develop skills working in different size teams. They will practice taking turns and competing against other teams. We will also begin to practice some of the skills needed for Sports Day - ball skills, relay etc.

  • We will continue to promote developing a healthy lifestyle and practices which lead to this such as the importance of exercise and healthy eating.

  • We will also link warm ups to other curriculum areas with activities such as 'Squiggle as you Wiggle' and 'Pen Pals', counting actions / movements and creating shapes.

Please can all children have a named PE kit in a bag.


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RE will be explored partly through short periods of Adult Directed Activities which highlight key festivals, celebrations, religious symbols and religious vocabulary with reference to children’s own experiences and also through the children's own Child Initiated Play.

The theme for this half term is:

  • exploring how people know that they belong to family and other groups, including religious groups
  • exploring how do people express care and concern for each other?
  • developing an awareness of their own value and the value of others.   
  • exploring ways in which people express care and concern for each other and the importance of this for relationships. Discuss who their friends are and what friends do together. What is the role of friends when you are sad/happy?   Can brothers and sisters be friends? What can they do for each other?


During this half term and throughout the year we will be planning open-ended activities in a technology rich environment to enable the children to have opportunities to explore, tinker and develop their ideas through active learning. The children will:

  • explore quick sound capture devices (e.g. recordable postcards, buttons, albums, etc.).  We will support the children in recording short sound clips and encourage them to use the resources carefully and responsibly

  •  compare the sound of live and recorded voices and explore ways of changing their voices, using cupped hands/simple tubes and record the result; compare to recordings of their normal voices. We will highlight the need to ask for other’s permission before recording their voice

  • use a range of music simulations and build up simple tunes and compare these to tunes created using other musical and percussion instruments. We will talk to the children about how digital music is different from live songs and sounds.

    Adults will promote safe and careful use of resources and understanding of who to tell if any use of technology makes them feel uncomfortable.