Our focus this week is: Changes

We will be talking about the children’s transition into Year 1, reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar and looking at the lifecycle of butterflies.

Our class assembly is on Wednesday at 9.15.  The children have thought about what work they want to show and what they would like to say. We will be practising this during the first part of the week, to ensure that the children are comfortable with their roles and make final decisions about what to include.

On Monday we will take part in a Bollywood dance workshop which should be great fun. We will extend the learning from this activity by listening to Bollywood music and exploring Rangoli patterns. The children will be able to create their own designs with pastels on black paper and explore Mehndi hand decorations on paper.

Our shared reading will be on Thursday 25th June

Show and tell days will be as normal and this week we would like the children to talk about what they would like to be when they grow up. Please talk to the children about this before their day so that they can answer questions about the job and why they want to do it.

In Maths we will continue our work on counting in 2s and 10s and sharing objects into equal groups. The children will be counting out objects into groups of 2 or 10 and then marking the amount on a number line as they count, to support their understanding.  They will then use the number line to help them to count the total.

In phonics we have been learning how to read and write words containing more than one syllable. We will look at what a syllable is, clap our names and see who has the most syllables in their name and look at how this can help us to read and write longer words. We will be focusing on the digraphs including er and ar and continuing to practise reading and writing tricky words.

In Literacy we will be working on adjectives and creating descriptive writing. We will build a bank of interesting adjectives together and look at how we can add them to sentences to make them more interesting. We will retell the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar using pictures. The children will then order some pictures for themselves and write their own version of the story. We will continue to focus on using finger spaces, an initial capital letter and a full stop.

For our PE session on Monday, we will be taking part in a Bollywood dance workshop. This will be a great opportunity to explore Indian dance and music.   On Friday we will continue with our jungle theme, moving in different ways, changing speed and direction and maintaining control of our movements as we go on a journey through the jungle!