**This week our learning theme is ‘Lights, cam’**

Welcome to Squirrels class (EYFS Unit)


Miss Sonner



Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Halsey

Miss Davis



Summer Term in Squirrels class. 

Week beginning 24th June 

photography of camera reel film


We are still looking for two more volunteers for our upcoming trip to St Alban’s Abbey. We still need four helpers. If you can come with us then please inform Miss Sonner, Miss Davis or Mrs Halsey. We really appreciate and are thankful for all of your help. 

Shared Reading: Thursday 27th June

No Show and Tell this week due to Class Assembly. 

Class Assembly: Friday 28th June 

The theme this week is ‘Lights, camera, action!’ This theme has been chosen to prepare the children for their class assembly on Friday.

These are some of the things we will be learning about and exploring; 

Monday This morning the children will be having a Bollywood dancing workshop!  In the afternoon, the Reception children will be having a Literacy lesson. They will be reading the story Jake’s First Day, which is all about young pirate and his first day on a pirate ship. The children will then be given role-play masks of the characters from the story. They will be encouraged to act out the story and use language and actions that the characters will have used.  


This morning, the children will be rehearsing their assembly in the hall.    After lunch, the Reception children will be having a PSED lesson. We will revisit our Cautious Caterpillar story and discuss how the caterpillar felt as it was changing into a butterfly and about how it was a better experiences then she first thought. We will begin to discuss how some experiences at school may begin to change and how the children feel about that. They will learn some methods to help them if they’re worried and they will be encouraged to think of the positive aspects to change at school.  


This morning the children will be having an art lesson where they will be creating their own treasure maps. The children will look at pirate maps to collect ideas for what they could draw on theirs. They will then carefully draw the details onto their map and then dip tea bags onto the paper. They will sprinkle a little bit of coffee onto them as well and observe the changes that are made. For the Nurseries RE lesson this morning, we will return to the book ‘Puddles lend’s a paw’ that we read last week. The children will be invited to think of questions that they would like to ask the characters. The children will then be asked to think about who helps them and how they can help others.   This afternoon the Reception children will be using a variety of drama techniques to explore and get to know the characters from their story, Jake’s First Day. They will warm up their bodies by dancing to pirate music, and then in groups create Freeze Frames that represent a scene from the story. The other groups will then have to guess which scene from the story they are acting out. The lesson will end by the children ‘hot seating’ a character from the story. The children will be asked if they would like to have a turn and will then take on the role of one of the character. The other children will ask them questions and they will have to stay in character as they answer.  

Thursday This morning all the children will be taking part in a pirate themed mathematics lesson. The children will be given  treasure map, just like the ones that they created yesterday, and go on a treasure hunt! The children will find a massive treasure chest, with lots of different mathematics games inside. Some of the games will include matching coins with numerals on to the coins with the same amount of spots on, or counting all of the gems in two’s to find out how many they have in total. 

In the afternoon, the Reception children will be continuing to develop their ability to write a story. After getting to know the Jake’s First Day story well, they will then be asked to write about what happens in the story. They will be encouraged to include as much detail as possible, and even some language!

Friday  This morning it is time for our class assembly! We can’t wait to see you there! In the afternoon, the Reception children will have a handwriting lesson. The children are going to practice writing sentences from memory. This will be followed by a PE lesson, where the children will be practicing some of the skills they will

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      What the children say...

At the start of each half term, we spend time talking to the children about what they already know, what they would like to find out and any activities they would like to take part in. We then use these ideas to help us with the planning and preparation of activities.

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                   Literacy and Mathematics this Spring Term.

Our themes for Literacy and Maths follow a medium term plan, which details the skills in which we will be focussing on for each half term.

This term we will be focusing on putting our phonics skills into practice, reading words and matching them to the correct picture, writing simple words, reading captions and matching them to the correct picture. We will be learning what the difference terms; word, letter, grapheme, phoneme, and digraph mean. As we begin to write our own captions and short sentences we will be learning to use finger spaces to separate the words. In reading, as well as decoding the words using our phonic knowledge, we will also be learning to check that what we have read makes sense, using clues from the pictures or the text.

In phonics we will be learning the following letters & sounds:

J, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai ,ee, igh and oa

And the tricky words

no, go, I , the, to , he, she, we, me, be and was

We are also learning the names of the letters of the alphabet.

After half term we move on to these letters and sounds:

oo, ar, or, ur, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

and the tricky words:

my, you, they, her, all, are


This term we are continuing to put our maths skills to use, learning to add and subtract in practical activities. We will be looking at numbers over 10 and exploring the patterns of higher numbers. We will follow and create repeating patterns. We will learn about money and use it in role play and creative activities. The children will also be looking at 3 shapes and learning their properties. We will be learning about time, by thinking about the months of the year, the seasons and the times in our day. We will also look at other aspects of measurement such as length, weight and capacity.



PE Days:

Tuesday (am)
Friday (pm)

Physical Learning 

In PE for the first half of term we will be focusing on a gymnastics unit. We will be learning to move around a large area safely, avoiding obstacles and changing speed and direction. We will then move on to moving with more control, exploring different ways to move, using different parts of our feet, making large and small, fast and slow movements and learning to bounce and land appropriately. We will focus on safety, learning safe ways to take out equipment such as mats. The children will be learning different ways of travelling; moving in different directions, on hands and feet, high and low and with as much of their body on the floor as possible.  We will also have some special workshops such as speed stacking and working with Mr Miller.

PE Spring 2

This half term we will continue to focus on gymnastics and will be exploring stretching and curling.  The children will learn curled up and stretched balances and how to travel in curved up and stretched positions. They will then move on to putting together a combination of stretched and curled movements


RE learning 

 In RE this term the focus is: Change and Growth. We will begin by looking at the children's experiences of New Year and talking about the pattern of the year and the different seasons.  There will be three main areas, starting with "What do some people believe about the beginning of the world". For this section we will be reading creation stories from different religions.  The next aspect is "What is happening in the natural world this Spring". The children will be exploring outside, thinking about growth and change and using cameras to take photos. The focus will then be "Which natural things look dead but are really alive". For this work the children will be sorting objects and giving reasons for their choices.  We will look at objects such as bulbs, which look dead but which will produce a flower.

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