** This week our learning theme is 'Recycling'**

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Miss Oliver



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Mrs Halsey

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 Welcome to the Summer Term in Squirrels class. Our learning theme this half term is 'Our World'.

This half term our weekly learning themes have been chosen by the children. Each week we will have a focus theme and our group time learning will be based around that theme. Our themes include - recycling and the environment, Australia and the oceans, Thailand, London and the Queen. We will also be continuing this theme into the Summer two half term as the children have many more places they would like to visit!

 Week 2 23.04.18 - Recycling



Literacy - In Literacy this week we shall be using the story The Messy Magpie to learn about recycling and how to care for our environment. We will share ideas about how we can recycle in school and which bins are used for what rubbish and then make a poster with some of our own recycling rules. We will also be having a focus on reading, reading paragraphs and sentences from The Messy Magpie and then matching them to the correct picture.

Mathematics - In Maths this week we will continue to think about addition and using the counting on method in our heads to solve different problems. We will also use a number line to count on to find the answers. Some of us will also be focussing on different counting problems, including counting in groups of 2, 5 and 10. 

Physical Development - This week we will be exploring how ropes can be used in different ways, including making letters, making up games and for skipping. We will also continue working on controlling a ball when bouncing and catching it. On Thursday Mr Miller will be here to take another PE coaching session.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - This week we continue to think about team work and how to work best with other people. Last week we learnt how to compromise and work with other people's ideas as well as our own. This week we continue this theme, working together with others to either build an obstacle course or one giant picture.

Expressive Arts and Design  - We will be learning a new song this week in our Music lesson, linked to our recycling topic and our focus story The Messy Magpie. We will also be thinking about St George's day on Monday and making our own dragons using junk modelling resources.

Understanding of the World - This week in Understanding of the World we will be thinking about the jobs people do to look after our community, including refuse workers and street cleaners. We will talk about the importance of these jobs, and other jobs people do to take care of our environment.  

      What the children say...

At the start of each term and of a new learning theme, we spend time talking to the children about what they already know, what they would like to find out and any activities they would like to take part in. We then use these ideas to help us with the planning and preparation of activities.

Click here to see the children's ideas for the Summer 1 half term



Maths Mastery Question to think and talk about at home....


To solve addition problems you can count along the number line to add a given amount. For example, 5 + 3 - you could find number 5 and then hop on 3 more to find the answer. Can you do this in your head too? Put 5 in your head and then count on three more, what number did you get to?

Try it with these sums: 6+3=   2+5=   8+4=   3+4=   1+4=   9+3=   8+5=   

Now you have mastered that, why not try some subtraction sums? This time you have to count backwards along the number line or backwards in your head.

Try it with these sums:  4-2=   5-3=   10-6=   12-4=   7-4=   6-1=   15-6=   



                   Literacy and Maths learning this Summer Term

Our themes for Literacy and Maths follow a medium term plan, which details the skills in which we will be focussing on for each half term.

In Literacy this half term we will focus on using our phonic knowledge to write sentences. We will learn about finger spaces and where to use them when writing. We will begin to think about the use of a full stop too. In Phonics are working on applying Phase 3 digraph phonemes in our writing. We also continue to place a big emphasis on reading, having one weekly Literacy session based on reading skills as well as Guided Reading and other reading activities.

Each week in Literacy we will have a book which will support our learning for that week, each weekly book links to our overall weekly theme. 

In Mathematics this half term we continue our focus on Number and working on numeral recognition and reasoning with numbers. The skills we shall cover are; addition and subtraction by counting on or back in our heads to find the answer, money, doubling, halving and sharing, and talking about time.

We will also be introducing a daily 'Magical Maths' whole class session where we will spend 10mins on some quick counting or reasoning activities.



PE Days:

Tuesday (am)
Friday (pm)

Physical Learning

This half term in PE we will be focusing on a Games unit and a Gymnastics unit.

In Games we will learn how to use ropes, bats and balls in various games and activities. We will talk about their different uses and how we can show control and coordination when using them. We will also talk about competitive games such as basketball, cricket and rounders.

Our main focus in gymnastics equipment showing increasing control over our body movements. We will use equipment such as mats, benches, A frames, climbing frames and the wall bars.


RE learning this SummerTerm

This term our RE unit is called Special Places and Special People.

This half term in RE we will be focussing on talking about what places are special to me, which places are special in the school, which places in the community are special to religious families and which places are special in the community. We will also talk about special people, including special people in our lives and families and special people in different religions and beliefs.

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