What the children say....



"Swing Gate is really good because everybody is kind and happy and the teachers are the best in the world."

"School is the best thing in the world! It's great!"

"I like PE because it's normally outside and it's fun."

"I really like DT because we always do fun things and I just really like it."

"I really like the teachers at this school"

 "I really like to learn because the teachers tell you how to do a lot of things and mostly you get the hang of it and when you don't they really  help you."

"I really like going to school here. It has a very friendly environment. The teachers are really kind."

"I like some lessons and the school trips. I think it's really enjoyable. Good Times!"

"I like RE because we went on a school trip to a Hindu temple and we're learning about what Christians do at Easter."

"I like Swing Gate School and my favourite lessons are Art, Science and ICT."

"I love this school. It has very nice teachers."

"The thing I like about Swing Gate School is the lessons because they're really fun. I like ICT and Art and when we do cooking and things like that."

"I like Maths because I like adding up numbers."

"The teachers are really kind and explain it well. I feel really happy and safe here."

"I like playing."

"I love school because it is so perfect and I like to write sometimes."

"I like Literacy when we get to write lots because writing is my best thing."

"I like learning."

"I think that school is great and the teachers are really friendly.  I feel safe and happy all the time."