Our School Information


Daily School Routines

School Session Times

  • Main school starts at 8.35 and finish at 3.05.
  • Lunchtime for Reception - 11.45am - 12.45pm.
  • Lunchtime for Year 1 & 2 - 12.00 - 1.00pm.


  • Morning nursery session starts at 8.30 and finish at 11.30.

We liaise very closely with PAWS to support parents with care sessions. Click here to go to their website.


All children participate in the national Department of Health School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme and receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable at morning break.

Children may bring fruit and/or a drink into school to have at breaktime. Please do not send sweets, biscuits, chocolate or fizzy drinks.



Milk is available for all children up to and including Year 2. There is no charge for Nursery children but a small charge is made for school aged children.  If you would like your child to have milk, it needs to be paid for one term in advance with the cost varying according to the number of days in the term

School Meals

The midday meal is an important part of the day. It gives the children an opportunity to develop their social skills. We would like as many children as possible to avail themselves of the school meal service. 

School meals are free for all school aged children up to the age of seven.  We really hope that everyone will take advantage of this.  We know that you will encourage your child to try school meals if they do not currently have them.  However, we understand that some children may not like the options that available and would prefer a packed lunch from home.

If you would like to introduce your child gradually to school dinners then please let the School Office know which days you require a lunch for your child.

Please note: half a term's notice is required if your child wishes to change their dinner pattern.

There will always be a choice of hot meal (meat or vegetarian) or a sandwich.

School meals are fully prepared at the school by Hertfordshire Catering


Children should never bring medicine into school including any tablets, cough and sore throat sweets.  Unfortunately, staff are not permitted to administer medicines, but parents can make arrangements with the School Office to come in and administer medication themselves.  Parents or carers must report to the office first.  If your child has on going medical needs than the School has a policy in order that medication can be administered.

First Aid

If a child has an accident in school, the school will take responsibility for cleaning any cuts or grazes. In the event of illness during school hours or an accident of a more serious nature we will contact you on the telephone numbers or addresses given on your child's Admission Form. These telephone numbers must be kept up to date.


The school is bound by law to confirm to certain requirements and all reasons for absence must be recorded. If a child is away for no valid reason it will be deamed an unauthorised absence. We ask that school is informed verbally of the reason for absence on the first day and request your child to bring a note on his/her return.

The school year for pupils consists of 190 working days which does leave extensive time for holidays. We strongly discourage parents withdrawing children for family holidays during term time, as children may miss many learning activities which are an essential part of the curriculum. Very often these activities can not be repeated. The Governors view with concern children's absence's during term time for holidays.

Children need to attend school regularly and on time each day. Failure to attend regularly can result in each parent being fined up to £1000. Poor attendance can seriously hinder a child's academic progress and long term attitude to school life. The curriculum is structured in such a way that absence mid term will disadvantage your child. If your child has to be removed during term time we require that the LEA form be accompanied by a letter from the parent or guardian. The Educational Welfare Officer is responsible for monitoring school absences and will monitor school records of every unauthorised absence which may be pursued.

Swing Gate School's Governing Body insists that you fulfil these requirements and support the school in delivery of the curriculum to your child, without any description due to holidays being taken during term time.

School Security

We have made every effort to ensure the children and staff are secure while they are on the school premises but we require parents to keep us fully informed who is collecting their child at the end of the day. If children arrive after the start of the school session, they must report to the office. The children will be brought to the parent by a member of staff.

  • All visitors to the school are required to sign the visitor's book and wear a badge.
  • Any person on the premises without a badge will be stopped and asked to leave.
  • Fire drills are carried out once a term and all fire equipment is regularly checked and serviced.