** Our learning theme is called Journey to India**

Welcome to the Badgers Class (Year 2)


Miss Parry

Mrs Ayres

Mrs Marshall (maternity leave)

Teaching Assistant:

Miss Turnham


Welcome to the Summer Term in Badgers Class



Class Letter 

Journey to India

This term, our theme is Journey to India

This term the children will think about life in different parts of the world. They will focus on a study of Chembakolli, India. The children will investigate what humans and other animals need to survive. As part of this, the children will explore similarities and differences between living things.

In mathematics, the children will continue to develop their understanding of the four operations. They will apply this to activities involving measures, including time, length, capacity and weight. The children will also develop their ability to give and follow directions.

In English, we will explore story writing and look at different stories from India. We will also write reports and instructions.


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