**This week our learning theme is ‘ Terrific teeth! ’**

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Miss Sonner



Teaching Assistant and Learning Support Assistant:

Mrs Henderson

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Autumn Term in Squirrels class. 

Week beginning 16th September


red toothbrush


Grey Squirrels Show and Tell (Friday): My favourite book

The theme this week is ­­­­: Terrific teeth. This theme has been chosen in response to Evie’s interests.

These are some of the things we will be learning about and exploring;



Every morning this week the children will have a Mindful Moment. After the register, the children will be sat on the carpet and will listen to classical, relaxing music. As they listen the children will be asked to practice ‘finger breathing’, they will hold one hand out in front of them, and with their index finger from the other hand move it up their fingers, taking a deep breath in and releasing it as their finger falls down the other side. The children will then continue their Mindful Moments every morning throughout the school year.

This morning the children will be having an ‘unplugged’ computing lesson. This is where the children learn computing skills and become ‘computational thinkers’ without using technology. The aim for this lesson will be for the children to create a rule for sorting objects, which will introduce them to the concept of algorithms. The children will be shown pictures of fish and told that different objects and animals have thing in common and we can put them into groups depending on these patterns. They will then be shown pictures of birds and mice. The children will be encourage to sort the cards into two piles (categories) and to create a rule that can be followed to identify mice and birds from other animals e.g. if it has __ and __ it is a mouse/bird. The lesson will end with a variety of other animal pictures being shown to the children and to see if their rules still apply when looking at other animals.


After lunch, the children will have a mathematics lesson. The children will be shown a tray of 2D shapes and the children will be asked to see where else they can find the similar shapes around the classroom. The children will then go on a shape hunt around the school, with the children working in pairs and being given a specific shape to look out for.

For the afternoon PSED lesson, the children will be introduced to their focus story for the week, The Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles. The children will discuss the meaning of the word ‘selfish’ and what a selfish action at school might look like. The children will be read the story and will be encouraged to discuss the actions and consequences of the characters throughout.



This morning the children will have a literacy lesson where they will be continuing to learn about The Selfish Crocodile. The focus for today’s lesson will be encouraging the children to hold their pencil in a way that helps them have greater control of the marks they make. The lesson will begin with the tables being covered in paper for the children to create marks on with colouring pencils. After some mark making, the children will be encouraged to recall the characters from The Selfish Crocodile. The children will be asked to draw pictures of the characters with the teachers encouraging the children to follow the following rhyme to assist with the way they hold their pencils: NIP (the lead of the pencil), FLIP (the pencil), GRIP (to tighten and position the fingers around the pencil so it rests firmly)


In the afternoon the children will be having an understanding of the world lesson why they will learn about how to keep their teeth healthy. The children will be taught about the dentist and will discuss if they have ever been before and what a dentist does. They will learn about how we can keep their teeth healthy by brushing them and avoiding sweets and fizzy drinks. The children will then play a game where they have a laminated picture of some teeth with dirty whiteboard pen marks on them. The children will brush away the dirty marks with toothbrushes to learn why we need to brush our teeth.

For RE the children will be exploring the seasonal changes during Autumn. They will look at some pictures of a typical autumnal day compared to a summers day and will discuss the differences between them. The rest of the lesson is a bit weather dependant so many activities have been planned and will be chosen on the day. To give an example of a few, the children may go and collect leaves and talk about their colours, do bark rubbing, go on a walk where they take note of how the weather makes them feel or learn an autumnal song.


To start the day the children will be having a literacy lesson. The lesson will begin with the children playing a game of ‘I Spy Something Beginning With..’ there will be a selection of objects or pictures and Miss Sonner will tell the children an initial sound. The children will then have to find the corresponding picture.

Afterwards, the children will have pictures of the events from The Selfish Crocodile. The children will be asked to work as a team to put these pictures into the order that they occurred from start to finish. The children will then have to justify their reasons as to why they have done this, using their knowledge of the story and picture clues to help them.


This afternoon is our PE lesson. The lesson will begin with the children having to try and pass the bean bag around various parts of their body, their stomachs, head etc. They will then be practicing standing on one leg and balancing a bean bag on top of it. They will then have to try and kick the bean bag into a hula hoop to try and score a point.


For our morning PE lesson the children will have many different challenges to help develop their catching as well as throwing and catching a bean bag with a partner.


After lunch, the children will have a literacy lesson. The lesson will begin by playing a picture snap initial sounds game where the children will have to pair together a picture of an object and the letter that corresponds with its initial sounds. The children will then be focussing on drama for their lesson today all about The Selfish Crocodile. The children will ‘warm up’ for their drama lesson by imagining that they are exploring an African water hole whilst listening to sounds of African animals. The children will then be asked to create a ‘helicopter story’ about what they can see. This is when the children verbally create a story and then other children will be chosen to come and act out the story as a performance.
For their afternoon PSED lesson the children will be learning about sharing and how to respond to an upsetting situation. The children will be read stories about scenarios that they may face in the classroom and will discuss what they could do to make it better or to prevent it from happening in the first place.


In the morning, the children will have a mathematics lesson. The children will be shown pictures of shapes in the environment and will be asked if they can name any. The children will then play a shape game. A variety of 2D shapes will be placed into a bag, with corresponding pictures on the board to help the children. A child will then be asked to put their hand into a bag, choose a shape and describe what they can feel. The other children will be encouraged to guess what shape it is their friend is describing.


In the afternoon, the children will have a music lesson. The children will be learning a song all about how to brush their teeth. The children will be encouraged to create their own dance moves to accompany the song as well as having instruments to play.

The day will end with the Grey Squirrels sharing their Show and Tell.

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      What the children say...

At the start of each half term, we spend time talking to the children about what they already know, what they would like to find out and any activities they would like to take part in. We then use these ideas to help us with the planning and preparation of activities.


Click here for the children's ideas.



                   Literacy and Mathematics.

Our themes for Literacy and Maths follow a medium term plan, which details the skills in which we will be focussing on for each half term.

This term we will be focusing on putting our phonics skills into practice, reading words and matching them to the correct picture, writing simple words, reading captions and matching them to the correct picture. We will be learning what the difference terms; word, letter, grapheme, phoneme, and digraph mean. As we begin to write our own captions and short sentences we will be learning to use finger spaces to separate the words. In reading, as well as decoding the words using our phonic knowledge, we will also be learning to check that what we have read makes sense, using clues from the pictures or the text.

In phonics we will be learning the following letters & sounds:

J, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai ,ee, igh and oa

And the tricky words

no, go, I , the, to , he, she, we, me, be and was

We are also learning the names of the letters of the alphabet.

After half term we move on to these letters and sounds:

oo, ar, or, ur, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

and the tricky words:

my, you, they, her, all, are


This term we are continuing to put our maths skills to use, learning to add and subtract in practical activities. We will be looking at numbers over 10 and exploring the patterns of higher numbers. We will follow and create repeating patterns. We will learn about money and use it in role play and creative activities. The children will also be looking at 3 shapes and learning their properties. We will be learning about time, by thinking about the months of the year, the seasons and the times in our day. We will also look at other aspects of measurement such as length, weight and capacity.



PE Days:

Tuesday (am)
Friday (pm)

Physical Learning 

In PE for the first half of term we will be focusing on a gymnastics unit. We will be learning to move around a large area safely, avoiding obstacles and changing speed and direction. We will then move on to moving with more control, exploring different ways to move, using different parts of our feet, making large and small, fast and slow movements and learning to bounce and land appropriately. We will focus on safety, learning safe ways to take out equipment such as mats. The children will be learning different ways of travelling; moving in different directions, on hands and feet, high and low and with as much of their body on the floor as possible.  We will also have some special workshops such as speed stacking and working with Mr Miller.

PE Spring 2

This half term we will continue to focus on gymnastics and will be exploring stretching and curling.  The children will learn curled up and stretched balances and how to travel in curved up and stretched positions. They will then move on to putting together a combination of stretched and curled movements


RE learning 

 In RE this term the focus is: Change and Growth. We will begin by looking at the children's experiences of New Year and talking about the pattern of the year and the different seasons.  There will be three main areas, starting with "What do some people believe about the beginning of the world". For this section we will be reading creation stories from different religions.  The next aspect is "What is happening in the natural world this Spring". The children will be exploring outside, thinking about growth and change and using cameras to take photos. The focus will then be "Which natural things look dead but are really alive". For this work the children will be sorting objects and giving reasons for their choices.  We will look at objects such as bulbs, which look dead but which will produce a flower.

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