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This week our learning theme is 'Feeling Happy and Climbing Trees'

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Week beginning: 20th May 2024

This week our theme is: Feeling Happy and Climbing Trees

During the warm weather last week we took some time out of the classroom to just enjoy the outdoors. It quickly became apparent how happy we all were when we were free to explore the outdoor environment. Grayson said "climbing trees makes me happy, I want to do more!" whilst many other children enjoyed climbing the trees also. John and Ralph really enjoyed looking for mini beasts so we will continue to provide this opportunity throughout the week too. Oliver M wanted to know what other animals might climb trees, Arthur said "bugs don't climb trees" but Connie said "ants do and they're bugs". Whilst discussing our new Calm Corner in the classroom Tilly said that fiddly toys help us to feel calm. Hallie wanted to do more painting as she said that makes people feel happy and calm too. Phoebe said that "brain breaks help you not to be angry anymore and to listen to the teachers". This week we are focussing on some of the children's favourite things and their ideas of ways to be happy. 

Literacy - It is poetry week this week and we focus on ‘nonsense poetry’. We will use the ‘Owl and the pussycat’ by Edward Lear. We will be asking the children. What do we notice? Can we spot rhythm, rhyme, repetitionWe will think about word choice - what rhymes and makes it silly or funny. We will discuss that it is a nonsense poem because it doesn’t really make sense. We will create a class list of rhyming words we can spot and funny/nonsense parts of the poem.  Children will have a go at writing down their favourite words from the poem.  In our next lesson the children will create their own funny/silly made up nonsense character. The teacher will have made up their own silly character and share this with the children. The children will then have a go at doing their own, using their imaginations. The sillier and funnier the better! In our third lesson we will turn one of our ideas into a line in a poem that can be read back by others.

Maths - In maths this week we recap some areas which we feel need a little more focus in order to support the children's understanding. At the start of the week we focus on number bonds to five, including subtraction facts. We will sing the song 5 in the bed and talk about how one bear falls out each time, using the stem sentence 

There were _____ teddies on the bed. ____fell off the bed ____ now there are ______ teddies. 

,______ - _______ = _____________. _____ teddies take away ______ teddies is equal to ____________/ in order to show our understanding. Later on in the week we will look at 3D shapes, first curved shapes and begin to use mathematical vocabulary to describe these shapes. We will explore which shapes can roll or slide down a ramp. We will then move onto 3D shapes with flat faces, again using mathematical vocabulary to describe these. We will explore which shapes are best to use to make towers.

Expressive Arts and Design - Following Hallie's idea of painting being beneficial for our mental health, we will be learning about an artist called Kandinksy and how he painted circles. Whilst listening to calming music we shall have a go at creating our own versions of Kandinsky's circles. 

Pasta Point Treat - Wednesday 23rd - The children voted to do some cookery and bring their own clothes from home to wear. We will be baking some luscious lemon muffins during the morning and then changing into our own clothes for the afternoon. Please send some in a named carrier bag. 



Phonics Sounds of the Week

Poem of the Week

Word(s) of the Week Song of the Week

Phase 2 and 3 with words ending in ing, ed that sound like ‘t’ ed that should like ‘id’ and est.  

The owl and the pussycat

Happy, Anxious, Frustrated, Exhilarated

5 Currant Buns


Our termly Class letter is viewable here


What the children say... 

In our EYFS unit we plan according to the children's interests. We spend time talking to the children, asking them what they already know and what they would like to find out.

 Our weekly themes are led by the children. Each week we share ideas and then pick a theme for the coming week.

Our PE days are:

  • Thursday (am) Balance Bike coaching
  • Friday (am) Specialist coaching


RE learning 

In Religious Education, we will be learning about different celebrations and festivals which link to the heritage of some of the children. 

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