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Reading for pleasure and enjoyment 

We are committed to our aim that every child enjoys reading and sharing stories both at school and supporting parents to read and share at home also. Through hearing stories, children are exposed to a wide range of words. This helps them build their own vocabulary and improve their understanding, which is vital as they start to read. Research shows that reading for pleasure has benefits in many areas of education and life. Children who read for enjoyment perform better in tests, develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures.

What can you do at home? These top tips will help foster a love of reading.

  • Talk to your child.

We must give children the tools to read and children with a wide vocabulary have an advantage. Use every opportunity to talk with your child and develop their language. Play provides the perfect opportunity to initiate talk.

  • Read aloud regularly.

Read aloud to your child. Bring the story to life by performing it. Model pace, expression and fluency. Talk about the words and pictures, and share ideas about the book.

  • Be a reading role model

Children need to see adults reading and enjoying the process. They are more likely to want to read themselves if they see you reading. Read everything around you- books, newspapers, magazines, instructions, menus, labels.

  • Surround your child with books

Ensure your child has access to literature- books, magazines, comics. Spend time together at a library or bookshop browsing books and making choices. Put your books on show in your home.

  • Prioritise reading

Try to read with your child every day. Read books more than once and encourage your child to re-read favourite books.


Remember you are the most important educators in your child’s life.

'Reading for pleasure is the single biggest factor in success later in life, outside of education. Study after study has shown that those children who read for pleasure are the ones who are most likely to fulfil their ambitions. If your child reads, they will succeed – it's that simple. ' Bali Rai, Author.

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Below is a list of recommended reads for each year group.

EYFS Recommended Reading list

Year One Recommended Reading list

Year Two Recommended Reading list 


BookTrust, the UK’s largest reading charity, have created a list of the 100 best children’s
books of the last 100 years for children 0-14 year olds. The list has been curated using
recommendations from a panel of experts, previous lists of children’s classics and
favourites of BookTrust. The list reflects the diverse nature of children’s lives today and
celebrates the truly brilliant books that entertain, inform and delight children.
Please take a look at the list and share one you haven’t read with your child. We have
many of these texts in school and the local library has a great stock.

Please visit booktrust.org.uk to find:
 Hints and tips for reading with your child.
 Book suggestions and reviews.
 Interactive games.
 Stories you can listen or read along to.

And finally, the following Book Trust booklet provides parents with a wealth on information and top tips for reading with their children at home.

Reading with your child BookTrust Booklet for Parents

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