Swing Gate Infant School and Nursery

PE and Sport Premium

The Physical Education curriculum is made up of three different areas: games, gymnastics and dance. All children  have 2 hours of PE per week, enjoying gym or dance indoors and games or athletics outside as much as possible.  The school is well resourced with large and small apparatus. There is a varied selection of sports clubs on offer e.g multi sports, football, gymnastics and dance etc. 

At Swing Gate Infant School and Nursery we receive the National Sport Premium Funding each year to improve the physical activity and well being of all pupils.

The Government has ring fenced this funding to improve the provision of PE and sport in Primary Schools. The money has been provided by the Departments of Health, Education and Culture, Media and Sport.

At Swing Gate Infant School we aim to:

  • increase the subject knowledge and confidence in leading and teaching PE in school in order for all pupils to make regular and sustained progress.
  • increase the opportunities for participation in sport, including vulnerable groups, in a range of extra curricular and competitive opportunities
  • use physical activity to improve pupil's health, wellbeing and educational outcomes
  • use PE, school sport and physical activity to impact on whole school priorities.

Intended Impact

  • To provide opportunities for children to access a wide variety of physical activities.
  • To increase participation rates of children in physical activity.
  • To increase enjoyment and engagement in PE in all children.
  • To coach and teach staff in order to gain a greater understanding of individual children’s physical abilities, on which to base future sessions, in order to ensure regular and sustained progress in PE.
  • To improve teaching and learning in PE across the school through Continued Professional Development (CPD) for staff.
  • To provide opportunities for all children, in particular vulnerable groups, to take part in new physical activities and opportunities.

How the Aims are Met

  • The teaching staff are provided with a wide range of teaching resources and CPD to support their teaching of PR in line with the curriculum. 
  • New equipment, technology and resources are purchased to help implement and support the teaching of the PE curriculum.
  • Specialist coaches are brought in for dance and other areas of the curriculum to meet the needs of the PE curriculum.
  • Children compete in a variety of sports against local schools, as well as inter-house competitions.  

Please click on the link below to download our full Action Plan for the Sports Funding for the academic year 2022-23

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