Swing Gate Infant School and Nursery

We make learning an adventure. 

At Swing Gate Infant School and Nursery we embrace the spirit of adventure. We have made it our mission to bring learning to life in a deeper, more engaging and more active way. In fact, as trailblazers in Dacorum, we're proud to say that we invest time, money and energy in 'experiential learning', to create a lasting impact on our children's journey through education.

What 'experiential learning' means is more activities, experiences and imaginative learning exercises for our children. It's what gives our children confidence and character. It's what keeps our teachers inspired. It's what gives our school its personality. Thanks to all of this, our pupils enjoy new adventures in learning every single day. And that's what sets us apart from the rest. 


Three key words that capture what Swing Gate strives to achieve for all its children. And consequently, its teachers and parents too.

We are proud of these words, they are what gives our adventurous spirit purpose, so we don't just keep them to ourselves.

These pillars underpin everything we do, from lesson planning, to staff training, and from the school environment to class trips.


A happy child loves to learn.

First and foremost we ensure our children are safe and secure by holding ourselves up to the most rigorous health and safety standards.

We care, and because we care, our staff are passionate and committed. They help us create a warm and nurturing environment which allows our children play and explore learning confidently.

We are experts in encouraging the behaviours that teach children to care for each other. We love being together, regularly bringing the whole school together and to celebrate each others achievements.

But above all else, we make sure the children have fun. By investing in experiences that bring learning to life, children are engaged, animated and find fresh delight in every single day.


An active child learns better.

By spending time and energy on experiential learning we make sure our children are always active, in both body and mind.

Through teaching, and during playtime, the children are encouraged to explore our colourful and imaginative outdoor areas. We also research and develop new teaching tools to keep the learning adventure alive.

We run clubs, like Zumba, that teach the value of movement as well as regularly running whole school sessions in unusual things, such as yoga and karate.

We are also active in the local community, joining forces with schools to maintain high standards in every aspect of the school.



We produce bright, confident, colourful children.

Thanks to our imaginative approach to lessons and extra attention paid to experiences, we find our children are motivated and engaged.

From their very first day, our children are invited to share their ideas. This helps our staff build learning around the children's interests.

Our teachers are also always innovating, finding new ways to bring learning to life. Yet none of this is at the expense of traditional areas of the curriculum. We still lead in subjects like Mathematics and English. But these too are taught in ways that keep things fresh and exciting. Take our Enterprise Week, which encourages children to produce, market and sell their own products.

Finally, our parents feedback that the children are excited to share the adventures of their day and remain inspired to learn.

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