Jargon Busting

Core Subjects

 English, Mathematics and Science are known as the core subjects.

Foundation Subjects

Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Geography, History,  Music and Physical Education are known as the Foundation Subjects. In addition, all schools must teach Religious Education, British Values and Personal, Social and Health Education.

Formative Assessment

Ongoing assessment by children themselves or by adults which informs planning on a daily basis.

Foundation Stage Profile

Teachers in Nursery and Reception use the Foundation Stage Profile to monitor and assess the progress of children. This is made up of two parts - The Early Years Outcomes and The Early Learning Goals. 

Foundation Stage Learning Journals

Within the Nursery and Reception classes a series of observations - informal and formal which help to build a picture of a child's interests, aptitudes and abilities enabling staff to support them effectively in their learning.

Learning Objectives

What are we going to learn today... An objective for each subject during the day is put on the board and constantly referred to during the lesson. Abbreviated to LO in children's work books.

Long Term Planning

Plans that give a brief outline of subjects we will cover in the year.

Medium Term Planning

Detailed plans for the term for each subject – copies are given to Subject Leaders to make sure there is continuity.

Short Term Planning

Weekly plans for all subjects with learning objectives, activities and assessment details.

PPA Time (for Teachers)

Planning, preperation and assessment time is given to each class teacher. This is a statutory requirement.

SATS (Standardised Assessment Tasks)

Undertaken by the class teacher at the end of Year 2. These are informed by ongoing teacher assessment, and contributes to an accurate picture of a child's abilities, alongside all those factors which affect the ability to be a good learner. These are approached through SEAL (Social and emotional aspects of learning)

School Plan

All schools produce this annually and it identifies areas for focus. A copy is available to read in the entrance hall.

School Leadership Team (SLT)

This comprises of Mrs Francesca Gallagher (Headteacher), Mrs Carrie Hardwick (Deputy Head) and Miss Sally Oliver (Teacher).