Swing Gate Infant School and Nursery Governors

The Governing Body is a group of people drawn from parents, staff and members of the local community.  Our role is to monitor, sustain and improve the overall performance of the school. Selection of staff, monitoring of the curriculum, review of school policies and maintaining the school premises are all functions of the Governing Body. Together with the Headteacher we have responsibility for the strategic direction of the school.

The Governing Body meets on a monthly basis to discuss strategic and operational matters concerning the school.  In addition to the Governing Body we have a separate Pay Committee, made up of members of the Governing Body, who focus on both the teachers and the Headteachers performance and their pay and reward.  In addition, the committee will also review the financial controls within the school

If you would like to know more about the work of the governors or have any questions about becoming a Governor, please contact Amanda Wilkins (Chair of Governors) via the form below or by email to chairofgovs@swinggate.herts.sch.uk


Governor Meeting Minutes available on request.


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Who are the Governors?

  • the Headteacher
  • parent governors elected by the parents of the school
  • governors co-opted by the Governing Body from the local community
  • local education authority (LEA) governors nominated by Herts County Council
  • staff governors nominated by the school staff


Term of Office
Mrs Francesca Gallagher 01.09.2016 -
Parent Governors  
Kate Badham 03.11.17 - 02.11.21
Claire Bannister Vice Chair 14.10.17 - 13.10.21
Natalie Crane 10.11.17 - 09.11.21
Sarah Lines 10.11.18 – 09.11.22
LEA Governors  
Amanda Wilkins Chair of Governors 27.11.15 - 26.11.19
Co-opted Governors                                                          
Howard Mason 01.08.18 - 31.07.22
Jennifer Sippings 01.08.18 - 31.07.22

Carrie Hardwick (also member of Staff)

22.02.18 - 21.01.22

Sarah Parry (also member of Staff)

02.08.17 - 01.08.21


Staff Governor  
Colette Marshall 20.03.17 - 19.03.21
Associate Governors   
Anthea Powell 11.11.18 - 10.11.22
Jayne Dunford 18.01.18 - 17.01.22
Megan Wickens 10.05.18 – 09.05.22
Clerk to the Governors  
Jill Baxter