Swing Gate Infant School and Nursery

Parents' comments

Summer 2018 Parent Survey Results

"Really inspirational team in the Foundation Stage, who can tap into what the children enjoy and are interested in, every week."


"Swing Gate School has a lovely atmosphere. The children all seem very happy and the staff are very helpful. My daughter loves the school and could not have had a better experience elsewhere."


"My son has thoroughly enjoyed every day of Nursery and has learnt so much. I have been very impressed with the teachers and teaching and couldn't have asked for more."


"Thank you so much for inviting me into grandparents morning. It was so lovely to see all the children enjoying their learning."


"My son has had a fantastic year at Swing Gate. He has enjoyed every minute and he brings his love of learning home with him. Thank you for building his confidence so that he can thrive at school."


"My daughter has made massive progress this year and I can't thank her teacher and the team enough for their hard work to help her achieve this."


"Thank you so much for allowing us to come into grandparents day. It was wonderful to see the children having such fun without realising it! No wonder they like school when education is so beautifully disguised. We think the teaching team are magical; their abundant patience, wisdom and love was so evident. We are delighted that our daughter and son in law chose Swing Gate for our grandchildren - on what we saw on Tuesday, it would be hard to beat!"


"We couldn't be happier with our daughter's Reception year and can't thank the teachers enough for their amazing patience, skill and experience allowing our daughter to develop as she has this year."


"My daughter is so happy at Swing Gate and I think this shows in her performance."


"We are happy with how happy, safe and confident our daughter feels at school. Please continue to provide her with a thriving and stimulating environment."


"My son's teachers are a credit to the school - creative, dedicated and passionate. We couldn't have asked for better teaching."


"My son's teachers have inspired him with creative lesson plans and stretched him appropriately. We feel very lucky to have had their teaching expertise."


"I just wanted to say what a fabulous morning I had with Badgers class. The outside guest was so interesting and such fun! I wish my history lessons were like that."


"I just wanted to thank to all the staff who organised the trip to Windsor. It was a day that will be treasured and remembered forever. I feel as parents we are very lucky to have our children provided with such a day, especially with the learning structure that supports it."


"Very impressed with the school. Pupils are friendly and polite. There is a very nice atmosphere in the playground. We are very happy and so is our son."


"The school site and intimacy has benefitted our child's sense of security and belonging. It is a very happy school."


"The school should be congratulated for the teaching and learning environment they set and maintain. My daughter enjoys school every day."


"My daughter was so excited on Monday telling me about her learning about Edward Jenner and Marie Curie. She had a great understanding but was so fantastically engaged and excited about it - it was lovely to see."


Summer 2018 Parent Survey Results


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