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This week our learning theme is ''Monsters and Dragons"

Welcome to the Squirrels Treehouse class (EYFS Unit)      


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Summer Term in Squirrels Treehouse Class

Week beginning: 27th June.

This week our theme continues to be monsters, inspired by Stanley, Isra and Matthew’s interests but Alex asked if we can extend the theme to: Monsters and Dragons.

Events happening soon:

Tuesday 28th June: Sports Day.

Wednesday 29th June: Junk modelling art activity. For this activity we will be using cardboard boxes, if you have any surplus cardboard boxes at home (for example cereal boxes, delivery boxes, shoe boxes etc) we would appreciate any donations. As we are an egg free school we unfortunately cannot accept egg boxes.

This morning in maths, we will explore how to record doubles by completing pages 8 and 9 in our maths journals where we will explore how many ways we can record a double. In the afternoon we will have a second maths session. Each child will have two dice. They will be encouraged to roll the dice until they have rolled a double. They will then be asked to write this as an addition sentence, for example: 4 + 4 = 8. 

This morning we will have our Sports Day at Thomas Coram. In the afternoon we will have a special celebration followed by playtime. 

This morning we will take part in an art workshop. In the afternoon we will have an art lesson where we will be creating a monster out of junk modelling. We will look at the dot installations by Yayoi Kusama. We will discuss what we like about her work and how we could use these ideas to inspire our own monster. 

This morning we will take part in an archery workshop. In the afternoon we will have a literacy lesson where we will begin to write a story about whatever we like!

In literacy this morning we will continue to write our story. In the afternoon we will have a transition afternoon and visit our new Year 1 class. Afterwards we will have a PSED lesson where we will learn about the Zones of Regulation and how we can use these ‘zones’ to help identify our emotions.


Phonics Sounds of the Week
Recap ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or ur, oo, ow, oi, ear

Poem of the Week

A little shell

Word(s) of the Week


Song of the Week

10 Cheeky Monsters Sitting on the Bed



Literacy and Mathematics

Our themes for Literacy and Maths follow a medium term plan, which details the skills in which we will be focussing on for each half term.

We follow Talk For Writing in literacy lessons. This develops children as readers, writers, listeners and speakers. The model text or this term will be Charlie's Walk. This has been written by the Talk For Writing scheme and follows a similar plot to Rosie's Walk. The children will begin their literacy learning by creating a story map which outlines the characters, settings and events of the story. They will then verbally retell the story, using the story map as a visual prompt and will also create actions to go alongside the verbal retelling. They will be immersed into the story so they have an in-depth and thorough understanding of it. They will then ‘innovate’ Charlie's Walk, by replacing the characters with different types of dinosaur. They will then ‘invent’ their own unique, individual story and main character. The overarching aim for this half term’s literacy is that children will develop and improve their understanding of how to write sentences which can be read by themselves and others.

A variety of mathematical concepts will be covered this half term. These include exploring counting back, sorting into two groups, counting to and from 20, doubles, halving and sharing, odd and even numbers, 2D shape and time. 


This half term we will be revising and consolidating the sounds and skills learnt during the Spring term and last half term. We will explore reading:

  • Phase 3 long vowel sounds in words: ai ee igh oa oo oo ar or ur ow oi ear air er.
  • Phase 2 digraphs in words
  • Words end in -es which make a 'z' sound e.g. wishes
  • Multi syllable words e.g. chimpanzee, freshness, second, present 
  • Words ending in: -ing, -ed and -es 

The children's knowledge of phonics will also be applied to independent reading and writing. 

PE Days: Thursday AM

Physical Learning 

Physical Learning (PE)

There will be lots of exciting PE lessons happening this term, including Sports Week and Sports Day!
These workshops include: hockey, dance, handball, archery, athletics and Sports Day at Thomas Coram. 
In PE lessons we will be focussing on team games and refining skills such as throwing and catching in preparation for sports days. 


RE learning 

The children will be encouraged to discover some religious words and ideas in the context of their experiences. This will be through exploring four key areas:
- identity and belonging: exploring how people know they belong to a family and other groups, including religious groups.
- ultimate questions: by experiencing the natural world, using imagination and curiosity about life to develop an appreciation and wonder of the world in which they live. Children will be encouraged to ask questions that are philosophically challenging and consider the answers to these.
- human responsibility and values: to explore some ways in which people express care and concern for each other and the importance of this for relationships. They will be encouraged to develop an awareness of their own value and that of others.
- justice and fairness: children will be encouraged to understand what is a good choice and what is not. They will consider the consequences of words and actions.

What the children say...

In our EYFS unit we plan according to the children's interests. We spend time talking to the children, asking them what they already know and what they would like to find out.

Our weekly themes are led by the children. Each week we share ideas and then pick a theme for the coming week


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